About US

La Petite Mort more than a brand, is a quest to make garments full of stories and meaning, it is a voice that shouts creativity, power, and change.
It is an author´s design expression, with 100% national production. It is the intention to support the talents of tailors, seamstresses, weavers and craftsmen who are head of the household.
It is the promise that ideas are possible.
We value and exalt traditional knowledges, because we are proud of our roots and our heritage. We believe in tailoring, in hand weaving, in loom weaving. We create unique, handmade pieces of value.
We imprint our aesthetic universe in our garments, in order to provide our costumer a form of expression. We know about custom tailoring, and we design personalized outfits for our clients for their special moments.
We like to weave stories.